South Sámi of Scandinavia

”We have always been here”. This is often the spontaneous answer you get if you ask a South Sámi how long they have been in central Scandinavia. Researchers have come up with different theories during different eras. Today most lean towards the Sámi being right.

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Photo: Ewa Ljungdahl

The south Sámi is a distinct cultural group of Sámi that differ from those further north. Their language is different, handicraft and design differ as well as some traditions and ways of life. The south Sámi are very keen to keep their Sámi culture alive which is a struggle being a minority. They are few in an already rather weak Sámi population. Most Sámi live further north and particularly in Northern Norway.

Read about the South Sámi on VisitSápmi NatGeostories: klick the link to South Sámi of Scandinavia and let cursor guide you over the photographs to different stories by archeologist Ewa Ljungdahl at Gaaltije South Sámi Culture and Information Centre in Östersund.

If you read your NatGeo Stories well you will learn what the strange hole is in the photograph above.


South Sámi of Scandinavia