Go hiking in Sámi culture and nature – the Ammarnäs way

Middle of June people in village Ammarnäs – the most northen part of South Sápmi – will celebrate opening of a sustainable trail system for all breeds of hikers.

IMG_1591 (1280x853)
Photo: Ewa Ljungdahl


200 km of looped trails that start and end in Ammarnäs and 70 km of trails exploring from Ammarnäs and beyond will allow the hiker to experience Sámi and Nordic landscapes and culture in a variety of ways – on foot. Trails have been created that both show and protect natural and cultural heritage – and take care reindeer won’t be stressed by hikers. This makes it possible for the hiker to tailor a hike that include special interests, time at disposal and stamina.

One of the locals behind this hiking system is Oswald Jonsson, reindeer herder and owner of Sápmi Experience company Fjällhästen.

Check out our map and locate Ammarnäs: Sápmi map


For more information:

Ann-Kristine Vinka Marknadsansvarig

Destination Ammarnäs

Phone + 46 (0)952-60 000


Go hiking in Sámi culture and nature – the Ammarnäs way


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